Black Powder & Prophecy

Midsummer's Eve

Our adventure begins

Midsummer’s Eve was aways celebrated in the town of Ferricworth but this year was going to be special. Something was found in the mines that was going to be unveiled to interested nobles and help put the town back on the map.

The morning of Midsummer’s Eve two strangers walked into town, Captain Fiona Brightstone and Content Not Found: null, to come see the artifact. They joined up with the party and made friends. The artifact was a sword weilded by an knight from the previous age. Another artifact was found that day which was a staff weilde by that same knight.

That evening the town was attacked by zombies with an unliving knight with them. Most of the town was slaughtered but the unliving but the party escaped with the survivers and fled to Millbrook. Henry exhausted himself to create the tunnel for people to escape and Fiona used all her ammo fendng off as many of the zombies as she could.



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